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NIRP : life below zero !

Nine years on from the onset of the financial crisis and despite huge efforts and well-intentioned reforms across much of the western world, the global economy remains sluggish. Searching for new ways to boost growth and to counter low inflation, some central banks have decided to cut their key policy rates to below zero. The […]

Data valorization: Shifting to an alternative business model

All companies have been stating loud and clear “data valorization” as part of their strategic plan. No matter the sector (energy, transportation, banking, insurance …), data valorization is the new motto for all. Better valuing data has become a priority. By neglecting it, companies take the risk to lose a competitive advantage in the digital […]

Ex-Google engineers want to reinvent Core-Banking

In London, over two years, a start-up – Thought Machine – secretly designed and developed its new banking solution from scratch. A team of 50 experts from Google, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley or UBS, led by Paul Taylor – a former Google engineer – recently unveiled a cloud-based core-banking software, VaultOS. Thought Machine wanted […]

Valorisation des données, vers un modèle économique alternatif ?

Quelle entreprise n’a pas proclamé haut et fort le concept de « valorisation des données » dans son plan stratégique ? Quel que soit le secteur (énergie, transport, banque, assurance…), c’est le mot d’ordre. Mieux considérer les données devient un impératif.  Les négliger, c’est prendre le risque de perdre en compétitivité à l’heure du digital. Valoriser ses données […]